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Long Range Wireless Charging

Powermat SmartInductive is the new standard for inductive wireless charging, powering more devices than ever before. As the first wireless charging company to develop the technology, we’ve always envisioned a world where wireless power is universal and accessible for all. SmartInductive takes advantage of new technology to make almost any surface a charging surface – we believe this approach will help encourage innovative uses of wireless charging. 

SmartInductive technology
How Does it work?

SmartInductive Technology

SmartInductive technology enables transferring magnetic induction fields over a longer distance, while remaining compatible with existing wireless charging standards. Using a distinctive coil structure and advanced signaling, SmartInductive technology transfers power up to 40W through surfaces of 1.5 inches, in an efficient and safe way. Due to higher power capabilities, SmartInductive technology can power more types of devices, from smaller wearables, to mobile phones, tablets and even laptops.


Taking inductive charging
to the next level
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Charging Spot

First Charging Spot
with no drilling required
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