Powermat Technology

What is Inductive Charging?

Inductive charging is a means of creating an alternating electromagnetic field to safely and efficiently transfer energy between a transmitter unit and a receiver unit, both of which contain an induction coil. When placed in close proximity to the transmitter, the receiver unit receives the electromagnetic field and converts into power. Using in-band signalling to communicate, the two units are able to regulate power levels and manage the charging.

SmartInductive™ Technology

SmartInductive™ technology enables magnetic induction fields to be transferred over greater distances, while maintaining compatibility with existing wireless charging technologies on the market.

Using a unique coil structure and advanced signal processing, SmartInductive™ technology enables highly efficient and safe transfer of up to 40W of power (expandable to 90W on future designs) through surfaces up to 1.5 inches thick. With higher power capabilities, the SmartInductive™ technology is built to power a wide range of devices, from headsets to laptops.

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Inductive Multi-Standard Compatibility

To provide full coverage for the wide range of devices on the market, Powermat inductive wireless charging technology is compatible with all inductive charging standards, including Qi and AirFuel (PMA). Powermat also supports Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging technology with up to 10W of power, and Apple 7.5W.

Comparison: Standard Inductive Chargers vs. SmartInductive™ Charging Spot 4.0