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Powermat enables public spaces such as restaurants, universities, airports and malls to improve customer satisfaction by providing them the seamless experience of wireless charging technology. Powermat’s mobile engagement platform increases customer engagement and foot traffic while providing timely relevant offers to your customers.

Mobile engagement benefits for users
What's in it for the users

Find Wireless Charging

We all need to be free to run our busy day-to-day lives without worrying about our phone battery dying. Powermat’s mobile engagement platform helps find wireless charging enabled locations, so you can charge while drinking coffee or eating lunch. You will also get personalized special offers and promotions, offered by your favorite brands. Count on Powermat to keep you and your mobile phone charged all day long.

Mobile engagement benefits for venues
What's in it for the venues

Increase Customer Satisfaction

The Powermat mobile engagement platform lets brands drive user engagement by turning an amenity into a revenue generating tool. By providing wireless charging, your customers feel more welcomed, increasing foot traffic and customer loyalty.
As a Powermat enabled brand, you will be able to offer special personalized promotions via a dedicated feed, in-app messages and push notifications, as well as run customer surveys and connect through social media.

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App Implementation

Venues can choose to implement wireless charging through the Powermat app OR through our powerful SDK with your native brand app.

  • Powermat app: Quickly set up your brand page to create mobile campaigns with Powermat’s marketing platform
  • Brand app: Integrate Powermat SDK to drive user acquisition and real-time Beacon data to support location-driven campaigns.

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