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Springfield Institute of Technology (SIT)

Springfield Institute of Technology (SIT) is a small college in the Northwestern states with a reputation for excellence in science and engineering. They have always prided themselves on creating the best experiences for their students using the latest technology.

SIT understands that students are more connected to their phones and tablets than any other group. They reach for their phone first to connect to friends, families and peers. They look to phones for facts and information. They rely on their phones for social and academic planning and engagement. They relax using their phone apps.

The school also understands that every new cohort of students has an increased expectation that the college will embrace and support this mobile-first lifestyle. Recruiters for SIT need to offer a student life experience that is rich and differentiated in order to attract top students.

SIT needs a solution that is leading edge, helps students connect, keeps students engaged and active and is simple, cost-effective and natural for students to use.

It will need to:

  • Be easy to use as a self-service product
  • Offer students benefits and engagement
  • Fit into the school’s brand
  • Be easily monitored and supported

The Powermat solution addresses all of these needs making SIT a fully mobile optimized venue.

SIT works with Powermat to install charging spots that are subtle, in terms of design and implementation, but easy to spot and with simple instructions.

At a glance, students know how to use Powermat and can start charging immediately.

The installation can be done on almost any surface type to keep a consistent look and feel for university spaces and to help students easily identify where charging is available.

The Powermat solution provides monitoring and support for these charging spots.

Additionally, Powermat monitors use of the spots and provides relevant data to the school that can be used to spot traffic patterns and trends.

The Powermat app allows SIT to send alerts, promotions or relevant information to students, faculty, staff, parents and other visitors, both on campus and on the go.

In a recent survey of university students in California, Powermat found that:

80%of students rated the Powermat app experience as very simple to use
60%of students said that they were likely or very likely to check out the promotions sent through the Powermat app
50%More than half of the students surveyed found the Powermat charging spot and Powermat Ring simple to use - many students identified the Powermat Ring as their favorite part of the Powermat experience