Juan & Pepe's

Juan & Pepe’s is a chain of small Italian restaurants with eat-in or take out service. Their restaurants are close to main traffic roads and are located in plazas with other restaurants, office supply stores, and are usually near a grocery store.

They have noticed that foot traffic is on the decline. This is common, as foot traffic is declining for many retailers with so many services available online. This has impacted upselling of other brand and food goods and increased perishable waste.

They have tried flyers, giveaways, rewards and membership programs with some success, but want to increase traffic even more and are looking for ways to engage customers for upselling and timed promotions that will help reduce waste and inventory write-offs.

Juan & Pepe’s need a solution that is simple, reliable, customizable.

It will need to:

  • Be incorporated into their design and vision without disrupting it
  • Give the company the ability to monitor customer trends
  • Allow the company, or franchisees, to engage with local customers by connecting with them while they are on the go

The Powermat solution addresses all of these needs making Juan & Pepe’s a fully mobile optimized venue.

The restaurants work with Powermat to install charging spots that are subtle and part of the furniture, so that they do not take away from the aesthetic experience. Powermat is able to work with any surface type to create a natural look and feel for the charging spots.

The Powermat solution provides monitoring and support for these charging spots.

Additionally, Powermat provides relevant data to the restaurant owners that can be used to spot traffic patterns and trends.

For instance, if there is a slow period from 4 to 6 p.m. every day, the owners can see if promotions of “access to power” drive foot traffic.

The Powermat app allows Juan & Pepe’s to send alerts, promotions or relevant information to users, both in the restaurants and on the go. These offers can be tied to data patterns and trends to entice people to the restaurants at slow times or near the end of the day to sell more perishables and reduce waste.

A recent Powermat survey of current restaurant goers found that:

79%of respondents agree that access to power would positively influence their decision to visit
81%think they would visit the store at least once more per week
86%claim they would increase the amount of time they spend in the store
56%think it would increase the amount of money they spend at the store