The Frank Underwood International Airport

The Frank Underwood International Airport is located in Columbia, South Carolina and provides service to international locations. It is a hub airport for connecting destinations for European and Asian routes. Underwood serves more than 40 million passengers each year.

Underwood International continues to hear complaints from customers about the availability of phone charging spots and the lack of outlets. It’s common to see people sitting on the floor, huddled near outlets as they charge their phones pre-flight.

Underwood has built several “charging towers,” which are used well, but are bulky and they have no more floor space to build more, unless they give up seats. Underwood understands that customer experience is key, not just for them, but for their airline partners, their corporate sponsors and their in-airport retailers.

They need to understand more about passenger use of power during peak hours and they need to make use of all available spaces to create opportunities for charging, but they cannot have the mess of wires marring the design of the airport or creating safety concerns for passengers.

The Powermat solution addresses all of these needs making Underwood a fully mobile optimized venue.

Powermat experts work with Underwood to incorporate Powermat charging spots into the existing design.

Powermat is able to work with any surface type to create a natural look and feel for the charging spots, so the airport can leverage almost all existing counter space and work with airport retailers to provide charging at their locations – driving foot traffic to their businesses as well!

The Powermat solution provides monitoring and support for these charging spots.

Additionally, Powermat monitors use of the spots and provides relevant data to Underwood that can be used to spot traffic patterns and trends. They can see peak hours and look for ways to market charging availability during those times as a reason to choose Underwood airport as a departure site.

The Powermat app allows Underwood, its partners, and its retailers to send alerts, promotions or relevant information to passengers, both in the airport and on the go.