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Powermat works with businesses to create a fully mobile-optimized venue driving people to your location.

How can you engage customers using Powermat?

The Powermat Mobile Engagement Platform

The power of Powermat is the mobile customer engagement platform we have built. Businesses use the Powermat platform to send targeted and contextual information and updates to people as they charge or when they are on the go.

Your customers are open to communication from you. They just want communications to be relevant, in context of what they are doing or where they are, and to be well-executed so that they don’t feel spammed.

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They come for the power, but they stay for you.
Powermat drives people to your business.

More Than

of customers say that wireless charging availability would impact their venue choice


of customer enjoy the wireless charging experience and would use it again

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See How Powermat Can Work With Your Business

Seamlessly Integrate Charging Spots In Your Venue

Powermat works with you to integrate charging spots with the overall visual design of your venue, to create a natural feel that enhances the user experience and never looks out of place or disruptive.

Our expertise in retrofit installations and our custom tools can drill into a wide array of surface types or countertops. We pride ourselves on leaving a minimal footprint on any venue, with maximum impact of power availability.

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Learn More About Your Customers Behavior With Analytics

Powermat offers a web-based management system that allows you to remotely monitor all charging spots across multiple locations. Powermat helps you better understand your customers through charge spot monitoring, usage patterns and trends.

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