Wireless Charging Now on University Campuses on Both Coasts

Just months after California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) became the world's first university to offer wireless power on campus, we’re happy to announce that Florida State University (FSU) has also installed Powermat Charging Spots, giving their students the ability to stay connected to the information and learning resources they need on the go.

FSU integrated Powermat technology into high-traffic common spaces in the Strozier and Dirac Science Libraries, transforming them into fully enhanced mobile optimized venues. Both libraries are extremely popular with FSU students, and the student body had been requesting the school provide them with more ways to charge their phones, as well as more ways to get up-to-date University news.

In addition to giving students the ability to charge their phones wirelessly without having to find a wall outlet or remember their power cord, Powermat technology is the only solution that allows FSU to send targeted and contextual information and updates to students as they charge or when they’re on the move -- this unique ability to monitor the charging spots, take full advantage of usage trends, and engage students with University-sponsored information via the Powermat application was a big selling point for FSU.

And thanks to our wireless charging platform, FSU students will now be able to stay better connected, helping them minimize downtime and stay focused and efficient at all times. Staying Powered is a top concern and source of anxiety for all mobile consumers, but especially to students who have grown up doing almost everything on their smartphones.

While it’s common for newer phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note 5 to come with wireless technology built in, if their device is not compatible, students can simply borrow a Powermat Ring from the University library or purchase their own 'Powermat Ring' online purchase their own 'Powermat Ring' online. To get started, all students have to do is download the Powermat app at Google Play or Apple Store.

If you're in the education field or might be considering wireless charging solutions for your business, https://powermat.com/contact/contact us to learn more about the right Powermat solution for you.

You can read the full press announcement here.