University Empowered to Better Connect with Students

We're proud to announce we've been accepted into California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB).

In other words, CSUSB will soon become the world's first university to offer wireless power on campus, allowing students to stay connected to the information and learning resources they need on the go.

Making an educated decision, CSUSB chose Powermat technology because the platform gives it the unique ability to engage students beyond a simple charging solution. In addition to being able to monitor the charging spots and take full advantage of student usage trends, CSUSB can now engage students with University-sponsored information via the Powermat application when they charge.

Powermat Technology will first be integrated into high-traffic common spaces, student union areas, study areas, and on campus cafes and restaurants, followed by a broader implementation in the University’s library and classrooms.

Given we've always envisioned bringing our revolutionary technology to the world of education, this is exciting news for us, the institution, its students and the future of wireless mobile charging as a whole.

As is the case today at many post-secondary institutions across North America, e-learning has become an integral part of every CSUSB student’s lifestyle with course materials, videos and study group sessions hosted online and accessible via mobile. In addition, over the past year the University has experienced a 16 percent increase in mobile device usage, which often led to a shortage of electrical outlets for students to plug into.

Thanks to Powermat’s wireless charging platform, however, CSUSB students will now be able to stay better connected, helping them minimize downtime and stay focused and efficient at all times. As students lay down their devices to charge, they will also have one less distraction as they learn or study. Given this insight, the University plans to work with the school’s psychology and student life department to build the first case study on whether the side effects of wireless charging could lead to improved learning.

If you're in the education field or might be considering wireless charging solutions for your business, contact us to learn more about the right Powermat solution for you.

You can read the full press announcement here.