Students Charged Up About Wireless Power

Earlier this summer, California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) became the first university in North America to offer wireless power to students across campus after Powermat technology was integrated into high-traffic common spaces, student union areas, and on campus cafes and restaurants.

To find out if students were enjoying our wireless charge spots before school kicks off in earnest this fall, we recently conducted an on-campus survey. And, not surprisingly, CSUSB students love how Powermat allows them to charge their mobile phones between classes and study sessions.

Eighty per cent of students who downloaded the Powermat app rated the experience as “very simple,” and 60 percent of the users who were asked about receiving campus-related promotions via the app said that they were “likely” or “very likely” to check them out.

This second result was very encouraging as the Powermat platform gives CSUSB the unique ability to engage students beyond a simple charging solution. In addition to being able to monitor the charging spots and take full advantage of student usage trends, CSUSB can engage students with University-sponsored information via the Powermat application when they charge.

No longer hindered by the lack of electrical outlets on campus, busy students can now keep their smartphones fully charged, helping them stay better connected to friends and learning resources throughout the day. When asked what they liked best about the service, 1 in 5 users said they enjoyed the Powermat Ring because it was cute, small and easier to carry than a power adapter.

If you’re attending school in California this year, make sure to download the Powermat app and buy a Ring that fits your phone in a color that fits your style. In addition to being on campus at CSUSB, wireless charging stations are now available in Starbucks locations across the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.