How to recharge at Mobile World Congress

With speeches, award presentations, conference sessions and thousands of booths featuring the hottest new technology on the planet, attendees to Mobile World Congress don’t often get much sleep, and they certainly don’t spend much time in their hotel rooms.

In past years, this led to an all too common problem… the dying smartphone battery. How is one supposed to network, keep their appointments and tweet up a storm with a device that’s about to power off at any second?

Well, there’s absolutely no reason to worry this year. Throughout MWC you will notice Powermat Charging Spots where you can power up your smartphone wirelessly. That’s right, no more having to find an available wall outlet or carry around a clunky charger. You don’t even have to remember to pack a power adaptor/convertor if you’re travelling from outside Europe.

Simply download the Powermat app to find where the nearest Charging Spot is located, place your device on the Charging Spot, and tap to charge. If you have any questions, watch this quick tutorial video.

Powermat Charging Spots are available at the following locations during MWC

• Conference Village Red Lounge Ground Floor (Hall 4) • Conference Village Red Lounge Upper Floor (Hall 4) • Conference Village Blue Lounge Ground Floor (Hall 4) • Conference Village Blue Lounge Upper Floor (Hall 4) • Media Village – Press Conference and Meeting Rooms (CC4) • Upper Walkway near VIP Networking Lounge