Powermat wireless charging embedded in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Powermat and Samsung extend partnership in order to continue delivering convenient wireless charging to consumers

SAN FRANCISCO, August 3, 2016— Powermat Technologies today is excited to announce that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be compatible with the fast-growing Powermat Network.

Available for pre-order today and available in stores on August 19th, the Galaxy Note 7 is the latest Samsung device to be embedded with Powermat wireless charging technology. The strategic partnership started with the Galaxy S6 and also includes the Galaxy Note 5, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

“Forever a pioneer in the world of smartphones, Samsung continues to put consumers first by embedding its newest devices with wireless charging capabilities,” said Moshe Raines, Chief Business Development Officer at Powermat. “We’re excited that everyone who purchases the Galaxy Note 7 will be able to stay better connected than ever before by seamlessly accessing any of the growing number of Powermat Charging Spots in public venues across the world.”

All Samsung Galaxy owners can download the Powermat app to discover their nearest Powermat Charging Spot location.