Powermat’s mobile engagement platform continues to build momentum

Everyone here at Powermat is recharging after enjoying an exciting week at Mobile World Congress.

If you missed the news, we started MWC with the announcement that Powermat has become the first mass deployed public wireless charging network in the world to surpass 150 million phone-charging minutes, accomplishing the feat in just one year. With competition nowhere near that number, our growing usage stats continue to show there’s incredible consumer demand for wireless charging. It also shows that businesses are eager to install our mobile engagement platform and take advantage of Powermat’s many business-boosting benefits— which are of course only getting better.

On top of that announcement was the big news that we worked with AirFuel partners on a Resonant proof of concept that demonstrates how third-party, wireless charging hardware developed with partner chipsets will be able to connect with Powermat’s cloud. Making our mobile engagement platform compatible with both inductive and resonant AirFuel wireless-charging solutions is absolutely huge for all businesses looking to improve customer engagement and increase sales by becoming optimized for mobile while delivering wireless charging to consumers.

Powermat’s platform is proven to increase customer engagement and boost sales by providing businesses of all sizes with the personalized marketing tools necessary to drive repeat business. Cloud connected charging spots make Powermat truly unique in the industry, as we’re currently the only wireless charging platform on the market to offer businesses the opportunity to engage with customers across multiple touch points—before they’re in the store, while they’re in it, and after.

Best of all, our technology only continues to improve. Last week at MWC, we also unveiled a software upgrade that will enhance all third–generation and above Powermat Charging Spots to support 15 Watt charging, demonstrating the adaptability and flexibility of our centrally-managed, cloud-based engagement platform. Participating venues can choose to upgrade to new software— and hence, new capabilities— later this year. The update will allow consumers to power up higher capacity devices such as enabled smartphones and tablets quicker than ever before.

Powermat’s third generation charging spots, when used with the new MiPo (Mid Power) Ring, will enable devices that have Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 capabilities to charge their devices up to 75 percent faster. Quick Charge is now found in many new popular new devices from Motorola, ZTE, HTC, Sony, LG, BlackBerry and Samsung. Powermat is also working on a technology solution to allow its third-generation Charging Spots to be upgraded to support Samsung Wireless Fast Charge technology, which can boost a device’s battery from zero to up to 50 percent in approximately 30 minutes.

With all that news, it was a great week for Powermat at Mobile World Congress, and in the coming year we look forward to continuing that momentum by bringing our mobile engagement platform to more businesses and consumers around the globe.

Thorsten Heins