Powermat making a positive impact with businesses

Powermat recently became the only mass deployed public wireless charging network in the world to eclipse 150 million phone-charging minutes, accomplishing the feat in just over one year.

But what does this sky-high number actually translate to?... It means that our partner businesses who have installed Charging Spots in store are immediately reaping the rewards of Powermat’s Mobile Engagement Platform. Each location is seeing an average of 660 charging minutes per day— especially beneficial since peak charging hours are between 3-6pm, traditionally a slow time for many stores.

Customers are wirelessly charging for an average session time of 20 minutes, getting their device approximately 30% more battery life. And customers aren’t just using our technology, they’re enjoying the experience— which is translating to sales. According to a recent survey we conducted, 95% of customers who used a Powermat Charging Spot said they felt “more welcome at the venue” and 75% said they felt “more positive about the venue’s brand.”

The vast majority of customers (86%) also said they’re spending longer in the store, and over half (56%) reported spending more money while there. This lines up perfectly with what many of our biggest partners are saying about our technology. Starbucks, which began a nationwide roll-out of Charging Spots in 2014, said Powermat wireless charging and super-fast Wi-Fi has helped boost its sales, and positive customer testimonials continue to roll in from businesses around the globe.

Some store managers are saying they’ve “observed new customers coming in specifically to see and use the Charging Spots” and that “younger customers can’t wait to test out the technology for themselves.” And many others are saying their customers are buying more food and drink while they wait for their phone to charge up.

So customers are happy and our partner businesses couldn’t be more pleased. To learn more about installing a Powermat Charging Spot at your store, please visit us here.