Powermat Charges North of the Border

Canadians no longer need to ask what wireless charging is all aboot, as Powermat has surfaced (or in this case, sub-surfaced) in the land of free healthcare, unrivalled nature and hunky world leaders.

After already rolling out in Starbucks across the United States and in the United Kingdom locations, wireless power is now available in Canada after Powermat Charging Spots were recently installed at the new Settlement Co. coffee house in the city of Waterloo, Ontario.

Why Waterloo? Powermat’s offices are based in innovative communities around the globe, including New York City, Palo Alto, California and Neve Ilan, Israel, so by adding Waterloo to the list, we’re now happy to report that our technology is in all of the great cities in which we operate.

Bringing wireless charging to the Settlement.Co coffee house also allowed us to demonstrate our ability to seamlessly integrate Powermat Charging Spots into the décor and design of the venue using sub-surface mounting to install spots.. Sub-surface installations are recommended mainly in the case of newly-built or renovated venues. Rather than drilling into a table or countertop, our team can seamlessly embed wireless charging into a business’ solid/veneered wooded surfaces and Corian/solid surfaces. DuPont, our partner, now also offers Corian surfaces already fitted with our sub-surface wireless charging spots.

Install Ontop Install Under

At Settlement.Co, we installed 8 sub-surface Charging Spots, along with 11 surface-mounted spots. As you can tell by the photos of this lovely coffee shop, it’s almost impossible to tell the business has been equipped with wireless power. Well, other than the fact that its customers can now charge up their smartphones wirelessly without looking for wall outlets or bringing/borrowing a power cord.

SettlementCo chargespot

Increasingly, newer phones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note 5 have compatible technology already built in, but if consumers’ devices are not wirelessly-enabled they can use Powermat charging spots simply by adding a Powermat enabled case to their existing phone or by utilizing a Powermat Ring (available for just $9.99 in a wide range of colours).

You can also download the Powermat app, soon available on BlackBerry to find your nearest charging location, and learn more about installing a Powermat Charging Spot for your business here.