Power up your business with a wireless charging installation and become mobile optimized

While equipping your business with wireless charging is proven to attract customers and boost sales, we get a lot of questions from business owners who are curious or hesitant about the installation process.

As pioneers in the wireless charging industry, Powermat has attained a great deal of mass market installation experience over the past decade, and has much expertise to share. Unlike relative newcomers to the industry, we have thousands of installations under our belt, have seen every store layout possible, encountered and conquered every problem imaginable, and drilled into all kinds of tabletop surfaces (granite, marble, concrete, etc.) at thicknesses ranging from a half-inch all the way up to three inches.

Powermat has installed wireless charging spots in universities, sporting venues, McDonald’s restaurants, and Starbucks in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, New York and the United Kingdom. We offer businesses both surface-mounted and sub-surface solutions which don’t require electrical work and do not take unnecessary outlets from the venue.

powermat construction 1

Sub-surface installations are recommended mainly in the case of newly-built or renovated venues. Rather than drill into a table or countertop, our team can embed wireless charging in solid/veneered wooded surfaces and Corian/solid surfaces. Dupont, our partner, now offers Corian surfaces already fitted with our sub-surface wireless charging spots.

But while building wireless charging into a new store is relatively simple, retrofitting a business with a scalable solution is an entirely different story— and there’s nobody in the market that comes close to offering our expertise. Over the years, we’ve perfected a scalable process for retrofit installations that’s both mess-free and efficient. Since our entire process has been conceived, designed and perfected based on a firsthand, intimate understanding of the multiplicity of scenarios and customer needs, we can complete a store installation in less than 2.5 hours.

When installing our surface-mounted solutions, we don’t sacrifice craftsmanship for speed. We drill using specialty equipment developed to do the job fast and accurately. And in terms of process, we work directly with clients to ensure the charging spots are installed in tables and other natural customer areas, as opposed to against a wall where a customer would have to leave their phone unattended.

powermat construction 2

Our flexible, tried-and-tested solutions even allow us to install wireless charging spots into movable tables and surfaces that are not along the perimeter of a wall, and drill into stone surfaces that do not have a substrate.

From the ground up, Powermat wireless charging is a commercial grade solution in all aspects— software, hardware and installation— where we provide businesses with a full range of power sources, harnesses and cable management products which are all tamper-resistant, designed to last, leave minimal footprint on the venue and integrate seamlessly into the décor and designed for installation efficiency.

If you’re a business owner who is considering installing a wireless charging solution, please contact us to learn more about finding the right Powermat solution for you.