Mobile marketing now essential for all businesses

Consumers now spend significantly more time on mobile (51%) than on their desktops (42%), and over the next few years, mobile is projected to dominate digital ad spending, jumping from 49% of total spending in 2015 to an expected 72.2% in 2019.

These stats show that mobile has quickly become the fastest path to purchase for customers. And if your business is not reaching potential and existing customers via their mobile devices, you’re likely putting yourself at an enormous competitive disadvantage.

While it’s common for brick-and-mortar business owners to look at Powermat’s wireless charging technology as a value-add that can attract customers who need to quickly and easily power up their smartphones on the go, the reality is that Powermat is now a complete mobile engagement platform that can help businesses generate repeat sales and increased revenue.

Once customers download the Powermat Mobile App, which is required to enable charging at any participating Powermat location, businesses can send them customized offers, tailored content and special rewards. Best of all, you can engage customers across multiple touch points:

  • In-store- When customers lay their smartphone on a Powermat Charging Spot, you can send them contextual messages such as special offers (i.e. 20% off a coffee or baked good), surveys and in-store deals that help generate customer loyalty and even drive a second purchase.

  • Nearby- When customers are close by, you can use geo-targeted push-notifications to automatically send them special offers to drive them in store.

  • Anywhere, really- Finally, you can bring customers back in store by running a gratitude campaign that, through push notifications, entices customers with loyalty points, rewards and other exciting promotions.

And since Powermat’s mobile engagement platform is built on a cloud infrastructure with portals for each client, venues can easily customize offers to match their customers’ specific needs. Your business will have tools to analyze demographics of who’s charging up in your store, as well as other valuable marketing metrics. You will even be able to start building campaign calendars and time campaigns to a specific time of day and/or location, depending on peak periods at your store and/or the type of customer you’re trying to attract.

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