Indiana University South Bend ahead of the curve with Wireless Charging

There’s a momentum building in the world of wireless power, as slowly but surely more and more universities across the U.S. are installing Powermat Charging Spots on campus.

Following in the footsteps of both California State University, San Bernardino and Florida State University, Indiana University South Bend (IUSB) became the latest post-secondary institution to offer students free wireless charging capabilities for their smartphones, with other Indiana University campuses expected to follow suit shortly.

Over two days during the holiday break, we quickly and seamlessly installed 36 Powermat Charging Spots into the computer stations on the first floor of the Franklin D. Schurz Library in the Media Commons and Info Commons areas at IUSB. Now, students no longer have to carry around charging cables and search for available wall outlets. They can charge their devices right from their study tables, without ever having to worry about hitting the dreaded zero-percent battery.

E-learning has become part of every IUSB student’s life with course materials, assignments and videos hosted online and accessible via mobile. Since Powermat Charging Spots can power up any mobile phone, the technology is perfect for students who need to stay connected and learning all day long.

Students who own a newer device, such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 or Note 5—which are embedded with wireless charging capabilities—can charge up simply by downloading the Powermat App and laying their device on the Charging Spot. While the number of smartphones that have wireless charging built-in is rapidly increasing, any mobile phone can be charged with a Powermat Ring. IUSB students can check out Rings at their library or buy one from the campus bookstore.

Once students experience the ease-of-use and convenience of the Powermat’s technology, it is expected that Charging Spots will soon expand to additional areas of the IUSB campus.

You can learn more about installing a Powermat Charging Spot at your business here.