Hip NYC café integrates wireless charging into cool décor

While wireless charging is proven to have many business-boosting benefits, many store owners still worry the technology will negatively impact the aesthetics of their space.

However, the beauty of Powermat’s technology is that it can be seamlessly installed to match the style and layout of any business— which is especially beneficial to neighborhood cafés where atmosphere is often everything.

Take our latest installation, for example. Gotan is a modern coffee shop located in a historical factory building in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood. The spacious, industrial-chic space has a clean, minimalist look with long, communal wooden tables where customers can set up shop and work remotely.

With competition on every corner, Gotan wanted to provide its busy customers with a way to charge their smartphones wirelessly without messing with the stylish setting that made the business such a success throughout its first year of operation.

Demonstrating our unique ability to integrate wireless charging into a business' decor and design, we embedded Powermat Charging Spots throughout the store. While we had to drill into wood tables for this specific job, our technology allows us to work with all kinds of tabletop surfaces (granite, marble, concrete, etc.) at thicknesses ranging from a half-inch all the way up to three inches. We also worked directly with Gotan to ensure the charging spots were installed in tables and other natural customer areas, as opposed to against a wall where a customer would have to leave their phone unattended.

Now, Gotan’s customers can keep their devices powered up throughout the day without having to carry around a clunky charger or find an available wall outlet to plug into. And thanks to the scalable, mess-free process we’ve perfected through hundreds of retrofit installations, the business’ aesthetics remain as clean and cool as ever.

Gotan is also leveraging Powermat’s technology to send customers special offers and store coupons while they’re powering up their phones. It’s yet another advantage of our industry-leading wireless charging technology.

If you’re considering introducing wireless charging to your business, take a look at another elegant installation we recently completed at Settlement Co social house in Waterloo, Canada.. You can also learn more about installing a Powermat Charging Spot in your business here.