Explaining Powermat's Mobile Engagement Platform

Consumers have deep connections with their phones and a real fear of running out of battery power. Therefore, equipping your business with wireless charging is an excellent way to attract and retain customers by offering them a place to quickly and easily charge their devices without having to carry around a clunky phone cord and find an available wall outlet.

However, Powermat offers much more than a place for customers to charge their phone. Your brick-and-mortar business can use our mobile-optimized customer engagement platform to drive customers in store and boost sales.

How it works

We set-up your Powermat Platform, seamlessly matching the esthetics of your particular venue.

Once installed, you can setup and manage your mobile campaign in a few simple steps.

In order to wirelessly charge their devices in store, your customers must first download the Powermat Mobile App.

Once the App is downloaded, you gain insight into your customers, and their buying behavior, allowing you to learn, analyze and optimize your campaign to increase store revenue.

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What’s in it for your customers?

The Powermat App provides an interface for customers nearby and during their stay. They receive:

  • Location-based mobile offers;
  • Post-purchase promotions;
  • Loyalty and rewards;
  • And quick access to power

What’s in it for your business?

You can use the Powermat platform to send customized offers, tailored content and special rewards to your customers in order to generate repeat business and increased revenue.

Keep in mind, the platform is for you and not third-party advertisers trying to sell other products while customers are in your store.

You can build campaign calendars and time your advertising campaigns to a specific time of day and/or location, depending on peak periods at their store and/or the type of customer you’re trying to attract.

  • Know more about your customer and create real-time relevant offers;
  • Increase foot traffic to your venue;
  • Create value through customer loyalty

Reach customers anywhere:

1. Before they’re in store: Use customizable, geo-targeted push-notifications to send special offers to customers when they’re nearby and draw them in store.

2. In-store: Generate customer loyalty and/or drive a second purchase by sending surveys, special offers and in-store deals to your customers while they’re already in store.

3. After they’ve already visited your business: Bring customers back in store by running gratitude campaigns that, through push notifications, entice them with loyalty points, rewards and other exciting promotions.

Powerful results for businesses:

In an online survey of more than 300 Powermat users:

  • 93% of Powermat users say that wireless charging has an influence on where they choose to shop;
  • 86% of Powermat users agree that wireless charging compels them to extend the amount of time spent in store;
  • 88% of Powermat users agree that wireless charging compels them to visit stores with wireless charging more often;
  • Over half of Powermat users maintain they will stay at least 11 minutes or more in stores that offer wireless charging;
  • Two thirds of Powermat users agree that they’ll likely spend more money at stores with wireless charging;
  • 93% of Powermat users are overwhelming willing to recommend stores that offer wireless charging;
  • Powermat has a significant impact on the perceived brand image for stores that use the technology. 85% say they have a more positive image of the venue as a company;
  • 74% of Powermat users are interested in receiving special offers on their phone while charging their device – 48% indicated “very interested”

Visit www.Powermat.com for more information.