Bostonians and New Yorkers finally agree on something!

While New Yorkers and Bostonians enjoy a heated rivalry (Yankees/Red Sox, Knicks/Celtics, Rangers/Bruins, pizza/clam chowder, etc., etc.), we know residents in both of these fine cities can agree that wireless charging is simply the smartest, most convenient way to charge your phone while on the go.

So, beginning today, we’re proud to announce that Powermat Charging Spots are available in both Beantown and the Big Apple, including 300 Starbucks locations in NYC alone. This is the next big step in Starbucks' rollout of wireless charging stations, which began last year in Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

While Bostonians might say wireless charging is "wicked convenient” and New Yorkers might describe Powermat Charging Spots as "dumb good,” the end result is the same for the fine citizens in both of these signature U.S. cities.

Now instead of hopelessly watching their phones run out of juice, busy Bostonians and always on-the-move New Yorkers can duck into their nearest Starbucks to power up without having to carry around a clunky phone charger and/or find a wall outlet. All they need to do to charge up wirelessly is download the Powermat app and buy a Ring that fits their phone (Ring not required for phones with built in wireless charging).

This is just the latest news in what’s been excellent year for Powermat. In addition to being in Starbucks stores in New York and Boston, universities on both coasts have now enrolled our wireless charging technology. Powermat technology has also been embedded in some of today’s most popular smartphones, as well as in DuPont countertops and new General Motors’ vehicles.

Powermat has been proven to attract customers and increase consumer awareness for local businesses, and Starbucks is just one of a growing number of businesses that are recognizing the value and potential in offering customers an easy way to charge their smartphones while on the move.

If you live in New York, Boston, Los Angeles or the Bay Area, make sure to look for your nearest POWERMAT CHARGING SPOT HERE.