Answering Your Questions About Wireless Charging

The days of dying smartphone batteries (and the resulting scramble to find an outlet or compatible charger) are coming to an end. With Powermat Charging Spots rolling out in coffee shops across the country and wireless charging now in universities, DuPont’s Corian-Charging surfaces and select GM vehicles, it has never been easier to power up your device on the move.

But with wireless power still in its infancy, things are changing every day— which of course leads to questions from consumers. To help you find the answers you need, we’ve developed a short FAQ on wireless charging devices:

If my smartphone isn’t wirelessly-enabled, what can I do?

If you plan to charge up at commercial locations such as Starbucks, you can purchase a Ring for $10.99 to make your device compatible with a Powermat Charging Spot. However, please note these rings are for commercial use and do not work with most in-home products, such as Duracell Power Mats.

If you want to charge a device that isn’t wirelessly-enabled in your home and/or commercial charging spots, your best bet is to buy one of these fashionable, new charging cases:

Bezalel Latitude

Bezalel Latitude- By putting your iPhone in a protective and stylish Latitude charging case, you can power up at home on your Duracell Power Mat or at any commercial location that offers wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Charging Cover

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Charging Cover and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Charging Cover both enable you to power up the corresponding devices wherever there’s wireless charging.

The PowerCase

The PowerCase + Charging Pad for iPhone 5/5s lets you recharge your iPhone and PowerCase wirelessly simply by placing them on the mat— no need to plug in your iPhone. And if you're at a different location from the PowerMat, you can also recharge your iPhone and PowerCase with a micro USB cable through the USB port on the case.

Are there in-home charging mats I can use to power up my device?

If you're looking to renovate your kitchen, think about powering up your home with a DuPont Corian Charging Surface. On the outside, all you see is a signature, stylish Corian surface, but hidden from view is a transmitter that safely powers up smartphones, tablets and more, wirelessly. Charging only stops when your battery is full! If you’re not in the market for a new kitchen countertop, but still need a way to wirelessly charge your phone at home or in the office, here are a few great new products:

Samsung Galaxy Wireless Charger

Samsung Galaxy S6 Wireless Charger- If you have a Galaxy S6, simply place the device on the charger pad and it will begin charging; no plugging or unplugging of cables required.

Belkin Universal Wireless Charging Pad + Charger

Belkin Universal Wireless Charging Pad + Charger- The first charging transmitter to deliver wireless charging for both Qi and AirFuel-enabled devices makes it essential for multi-device homes. The wide base comfortably holds your Qi or AirFuel device. The soft but high-friction base pad grips your device to hold securely and prevent slipping.

Aerelight A1

The aerelight A1 is the perfect gift for the tech-enthusiast or fan of modern green design. You can charge your AirFuel-enabled smartphone simply by placing it on the light’s wooden base. And the ultra-thin OLED lighting technology uses 80 per cent less energy than a traditional 60 W bulb at max brightness, providing a naturally soft light for zero eye strain.

You can find all AirFuel certified devices here.

__Can I still charge my phone wirlessly if a charging cover isn't made for my phone and it's not AirFuel enable?

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6- The Super AMOLED and Quad HD display offers 577 pixels per inch for clear, vivid images with rich color contrast for Samsung’s best smartphone display ever. In addition to the Galaxy S6, the Galaxy S6 Active, the Galaxy S6 Edge+, the Galaxy S6 Edge and the Galaxy Note 5 are all AirFuel-enabled.

Samsung Galaxy Note5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5- The sleek metal frame encases premium glass to create a slim, large-screen device that’s more comfortable in your hand. With this powerful and beautiful new phone, charging wirelessly has never been faster and more liberating.

BlackBerry Priv

PRIV by BlackBerry- The first BlackBerry smartphone to run Android features an elegant slim design with a slide out physical keyboard, 5.4-inch dual-curved screen, 3410 mAh battery and an 18 MP dual-flash Schneider-Kreuznach certified camera. Additionally, the BlackBerry Passport is AirFuel-enabled.

Motorola Droid

Motorola Droid Turbo 2- Get the phone with the first shatterproof display. There are countless ways to make your DROID Turbo 2 one of a kind with a variety of color options or premium Ballistic Nylon or Horween® leather backs.

You can find all AirFuel-compatible devices here.

Can I still charge my device wirelessly if my phone is not Air-Fuel enabled?

If you don’t spot your phone on the list above and a charging cover isn’t made for your specific phone, don’t worry— you can still charge your phone wirelessly at commercial locations like Starbucks. All you have to do is purchase a Ring (available for just $9.99). However, just remember, the Rings are not compatible with most at-home Duracell products.

To find your nearest commercial charging location, you can download the Powermat app. You can also learn more about installing a Powermat Charging Spot for your business here.

Can I wirelessly charge my device while in my car?

General Motors has a partnership with Powermat, so if you drive a newer GM model such as a 2016 Chevy Malibu or Impala, a 2015 or 2016 Cadillac CTS Sedan or a 2015/2016 Cadillac Escalade, you can wirelessly charge your mobile phones on the move.

If you’re having any difficulty powering up your phone in your vehicle, here’s where you can find information on using your car's wireless device charging station. You can also take a look at this list of compatible wireless charging covers for your specific device compatible wireless charging covers for your specific device.