Powermat Wireless Charging Fully Compatible With New iPhone Series.

Powermat develops technology that is multi-standard and future-proof to accommodate new technological developments.

Supports Multiple Standards

Powermat supports the multiple standards existing in the market, including AirFuel (formerly PMA), Qi and Adaptive Fast Charge.

Wireless Charging For Apple

Powermat welcomes Apple to the world of wireless charging, following the announcement that iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X will support Qi wireless charging.

Charge Globally

Consumers will be able to seamlessly charge Apple's newest smartphones on Powermat Charging Spots located around the world.

Read more in Powermat’s official press release.

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Apple Q & A

Given that the new iPhone series only supports Qi, how does that affect compatibility with Powermat Charging Spots?

Powermat wireless charging is fully compatible with the new Apple iPhone series. Powermat strives to support all standards, so consumers can effortlessly power up their smartphones wirelessly, regardless of what kind of device they own. Consumers can easily and quickly access available Powermat locations in their area by downloading the Powermat app.

How does Powermat update the Charging Spots already installed?

Powermat’s wireless charging technology is connected to a cloud network allowing remote updates and real-time monitoring. For a more elaborative explanation from out CTO, read the SlashGear story here.

When will the Charging Spots already installed be updated to support Qi?

Powermat is working with its clients to coordinate the schedule update. We expect venues to update as soon as in the coming weeks.