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More Than Just A Wireless
Charging Solution.

Powermat makes it easy to find nearby charging spots and will even alert you when its time to start looking for power. You can also connect with your favorite venues and receive in-store offers.

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Powermat works with businesses to install intelligent wireless charging and create a fully mobile-optimized venue driving customers to your location.

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  • Wireless Phone Charging

    Just place your phone on a Charging Spot and tap to charge.

  • Find Nearest Powermat Venues

    Quick and easily find nearby Powermat-enabled venues.

  • Receive In-Store Promotions

    Get special offers, promotions and updates from your favourite wireless charging venues.

Enhance Your Customer Experience.

People in Powermat-enabled venues use the services.

Feel more positive about a venue’s brand.

Feel more welcome at the venue.

Would visit more often.

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