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Never Powerless

Powermat is about wireless power, and wireless power is about freedom: freedom from being tethered, freedom from the anxiety of running out of power.  Our wireless power is intuitive, environmental and smart – and it’s being built into ever more accessories, smartphones, cars and the places we visit daily.  Give Powermat a try – and enjoy the power of being truly wireless.


Get Wireless Power.
For You.


The best place to get your hands on Powermat’s technology is at DuracellPowermat.com.

Duracell Powermat is the lovechild of Powermat and Duracell, and a visit to DuracellPowermat.com will ensure you are never powerless.


Get Wireless Power.
For Your Products.


Powermat’s technology is being embedded into smartphones, mobile accessories, cars, public venues, and consumer electronics. Starbucks, P&G, AT&T, General Motors, Samsung and many more global leaders rely on this technology, turning it into an industry standard through the Power Matters Alliance (PMA). Together, we aim to advance wireless power by creating a real-world ecosystem within easy reach of consumers.

To learn more about the PMA go here


Get Wireless Power.
For Your Venue.


Access to power has become one of the most important factors in people’s choice of where to visit, what to do there, and how long to stay. Powermat has been chosen by such global leaders as Starbucks, McDonalds, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Madison Square Garden, and dozens of airports around the world to supply wireless power, creating a wireless power network anyone can connect to. Our technology offers unique enterprise-grade systems, allowing venues to monitor, manage and monetize their wireless power, making customer service better and opening up new business models.

To see where wireless power is available, go to poweruphere.com